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Changing Lives

Ação Comunitária do Brasil do Rio de Janeiro (ACB/RJ) is a Non-Governmental Organization, founded 40 years ago by individuals and companies concerned with improving the quality of life for people who live in the favelas (Slums). Up to now, over 150.000 people have directly benefited from projects and programs carried out by Ação Comunitária do Brasil do Rio de Janeiro (ACB/RJ)  in the favelas.

ACB/RJ's mission is to promote and defend the rights of thousands of Brazilian citizens excluded socially, economically, and culturally, mainly children, young and their families in situations of vulnerability and/or personal and social risk, especially teenagers and  young adults (between the ages of  16 and 30 years old), women and Afro-Brazilian citizens.

ACB/RJ works focus on several areas, ranging from health to tolerance and human rights, which is achieved through its Professional Qualification Programs, Productive Workshops and a series of other projects involving education, arts and culture.

ACB/RJ has mainly worked in the favelas of the metropolitan area of Rio de Janeiro. 150.000 people have directly benefited from the entrepreneurial and professional training programs carried out in 150 different favelas. Moreover, the institution managed one time to operated simultaneously in 64 favelas and 16 housing complexes.

What differentiates the work of ACB/RJ is its complete  interaction and insertion with local communities in the favelas. For instance, youth programs comprise complete professional training with  possibilities to enter  in the job market  through various partnership ACB/RJ has with  local business in Rio de Janeiro. Education ,human rights and citizenship rights are essential  ACB/RJ  activities.  For instance students  who enroll in various programs such as sports, arts and cultural activities, must also  participate in the courses about citizenship and human rights. In fact,this  create a space for debate about issues that local communities in the favelas face such as street violence, domestic violence and gender inequalities.

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